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The Dock (A Lowry Commission) by David Shearing

David has been commissioned to design the inaugural Dock space at the Lowry’s new Week 53 Festival running 28 April – 8 May 2016.

Normally restricted areas of The Lowry will be opened up to the public for the very first time as the backstage scene dock between our Lyric and Quays theatres is transformed into the Week 53 festival hub.

Exploring the festival theme of ‘home’ and ‘place’ the specially commissioned design for The Dock will combine and contrast the warm welcome and comfort of a living room with the part-theatrical, part-industrial backstage environment.  Opening on Thu 5 May The Dock will be your home for Week 53, acting as a bar, a pop-up cafe, a meeting place, a temporary theatre space as well as a place to just hang out between festival events. Performances will include everything from site-responsive theatre and dance to sound installations, spoken word and late night comedy and music.

Knock on the door, wipe your feet on the mat, hang up your coat and grab a chair (or a sofa) – welcome to The Dock.

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Assistant Designer: Chloë Jayne Oldridge
Production Manager: Christopher Megginson