Artist - David Shearing

nowfalling-1David has been invited to lead an international workshop in performance design at this year’s Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. The workshop will be an all day session and places can be booked through the PQ website after processing  accreditation.

Emergent Forms: Using hi and low technologies to create immersive performance design inspired by landscape and the weather.

Date: June 28

Workshop abstract:
This workshop will explore how design can act as an emergent architecture. It will explore audience participation, a range of materials that draw attention to the air as a design material, such as fans, paper, and objects. The role of sound will be considered through the exploration and use of wireless headphones for immersive participants. Taking inspiration from David’s latest performance installation THE WEATHER MACHINE, we will consider the ecology of scenography, by approaching design as a process, a continuous becoming. The workshop will explore how singular objects can become landscapes that can be shaped by participants. We will build landscapes and explore how elements such as wind and light can affect them. Building upon our low-tech environments, we will explore the application of wireless headphones and how live sound and text can be layered with the landscapes.

Conditions of participation: This workshop will be suitable for those interested in devising with design materials. Some small level of performing will be required, but not essential. Participants will be required to move a little.